Archer – DMS  provides the following functionality:

  • Easy, intuitive, user-friendly system interface.
  • Versioning of documents.
  • Easy and partial automation of adding documents.
  • Ability to edit and define forms for new types of documents
  • Advanced searching.
  • Easy integration with other applications within the company, eg. with the system ERP.
  • Scalability of the system.
  • System compatibility with ISO 9001 and the requirements of the General Office of Inspector for Personal Data Protection.
  • System security - the safety of data transmission and encryption and compression.
  • Indexation of documents during archiving process
  • Well protected and dimensioned database, ideally located on a separate server.
  • Provided disaster recovery (backup server with an application for emergencies).
  • Ensured fast and secure data transmission.
  • User rights for users regarding access to all documents
  • With the increase of the needs of and employees and their awareness, the ability to expand the system with additional functionality.
  • Providing a possible integration with other external applications.
  • Easy management of data confidentiality.
  • High quality and completeness of the information.
  • Convenient data management.

Why Archer DMS?

  • Centralization of document management
  •  Reduction of costs related to management and archiving of documents,
  • Efficient supervision over the flow of documents within the organization,
  • The ability to track the flow of documents,
  • Optimization of the distribution of documents in the physical archive,
  • Reduction of document  operating costs,
  • Development of the document management system alongside with development of the company without having to incur large expenditures,
  • The ability to store electronic documents and document images,
  • Quick and easy location of the document in the archive,
  • High level of security of the stored documents.

Benefits for companies, which already implemented AUREA BPM

  • Solution based on (already held and widely used) AUREA BPM system.
  • Automatic management of workflow and tasks in accordance with the organizational structure, list of tasks and steps to take for each user, registration and  information share about events, changes and the current status of cases, launch of notifications of certain events, at a specific time, deadlines support (for the whole process or a single step), replacements service, monitoring and reporting, communication with external systems (eg. import data for a certain period of time), ease of adapting the work environment to the needs and preferences (language, amount, type and manner of display of the elements, the individual search filter etc.).