DMS  class systems (Document Management) are a solution that helps managing documents and its flow within the company. Document Management System allows:

  • managing both images of documents (scanned paper documents), and electronic documents (text files, e-mail, etc.) automatic indexing of archived documents
  • combining documents in thematic groups (eg. The documents provided for the purpose of the loan or history of contacts with the customer)
  • managing document flow and services connected to document processing (orders, rental, return, culling, transfer).

DMS functions

  • registration,
  • organizing,
  • classification,
  • version control system,
  • data archivng,
  • Personal or group notifications about the changes
  • monitoring of files and folders,
  • support for different file formats,
  • handling operations of sending, removal,
  • managing flow of documents.


  • Reduction of costs related to the management and archiving of documents,
  • Efficient supervision over the flow of documents within the organization,
  • The ability to track the flow of documents,
  • Optimize the physical distribution of documents in the archive,
  • Reduction of operating costs over the document,
  • Expansion document management system with the development of the company without incurring large financial outlays,
  • The ability to store electronic documents and images of documents,
  • Quick and easy location of documents in the archive,
  • The high level of security of the stored documents.