Technical architecture

Full technical Archer DMS system architecture contains :

  • Workstations (clients),
  • Archer DMS system application server,
  • Services Server,
  • Data Areas Servers,
  • Archer DMS System database Server (Oracle 11g/12c, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and others).

Workstations (PC) are connected with servers by computer network like Intranet, or Internet and require only Web browser installation.



System installation requires  an application and database server System works on application servers or  servlet containers that are compatible with Java EE 7. Processes engine works  basing on a relational database. Process data can be stored in one of available RDBMS systems.
 Certified application servers and servlet containers are:

  • Oracle Glassfish
  • IBM WebSphere
  • JBoss AS
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache TomEE
  • Jetty
  • Oracle WebLogic