BPMS class systems origin

  • Multifunctional tool for modeling and executing bussines processes
  • Integrated BPMN modeler
  • Services-Oriented Architecture
  • Support for social communication between users
  • Dynamic, constantly changing business processes

BPM in a nutshell

  • Process management is essential  for effective functioning of every organization.
  • Business processes are basic and fundamental  for every organization to work.
  • BPM determines  requirements for better processes and  managing  them later on  for their constant perfecting.
  • BPMS class systems allow to model, start up, and also monitor the processes. It provides the user the ability to modify and  change of processes.
  • Supplementing existing IT infrastructure with direct support for services and processes gives them a huge potential to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve performance - contributing to significant improvements as a result of the company.
  • BPMS ensures full control of processes and  ensure effective adaptation to existing ,and also changing  requirements.

When to use BPMS systems?

Use BPMS systems for the processes which are characterized by these features:

  • A process is distributed, eg. Its  realization requires  use of a few applications
  • A process has complex  rules
  • A process is  complex as a whole
  • There’s necessity to monitor the process
  • A process requires repair
  • If there will be many functioning instances of processes executed simultaneously
  • If  already used systems are able to connect to the  process (interfaces)

Benefits of BPMS systems usage.

Benefits of BPMS systems usage.
  • Accountability of actions – full history of processes execution  and user actions,
  • Non-repudiation - all actions are uniquely assigned to the user,
  • Integrity – operations on data are carried out only in an authorized way,
  • Authenticity – secure way of users authentication  ,
  • Confidentiality – encryption of communications and data at multiple levels,
  • Availability – data base mechanisms and systems architecture  with high avaliabiluty
  • Automation of business processes,
  • Rationalization business processes and improvement of its efficiency,
  • Monitoring  and management of process and tasks realization status
  • Centralization  of management of tasks related with the defined workflow.


BPMN – Business Process Modeling Notation – notation used in modeling and  preparing business processes diagrams. BPD  - Business Process Diagram – diagram defined by BPMN and using elements defined in that notation. KPI - Key Performance Indicator  – metrics (not only financial) used  in organization objective achieved by processes,
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