Technical requirements

Requirements – application server

Recommended hardware:

  • Memory used in server should have ECC function available.
  • Server and network devices are ought to be plugged into UPS.
  • To ensure  data safety  servers  logical disks should  be in  RAID 1  - Write-Through mode. It is acceptable to use the mode Write-Back, only in case when server is plugged into UPS. In case of necessity to increase the efficiency of disk array, it is recommended to use RAID 10.
  • Server should be equipped in device allowing to make backups like, external harddrive or  Network card 100/1000 Mb/s.


Minimal server requirements:

Requirements - workstations

Program requirements of workstation:

  • Operating System – any operating system that cooperates with any of the following browsers and has minimal required screen resolution.
  • Web browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8,9 and newer
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome

For proper work application requires some options to be enabled in the Web browser

  • JavaScript support.
  • Cookies acceptance from page with installed application address.
  • Operating on „SSL 3.0”, or  „TLS 1.0, 1.11.2” protocols.

Minimal workstation requirements: