Working with the system

Product description

Aurea BPM is a complete set of applications for modeling, implementing and optimizing business processes. The product is intended for use in organizations, in which the proceedings in accordance with the procedures is the basis for operation. As part of implementation, depending on your needs, we also provide analysis and modeling of business processes and, above all, integration with existing enterprise systems. 

Business Process Management System Aurea BPM is a tool to support modeling, automating, managing and optimizing business processes. The system allows management of production, supplier, sales and marketing, financial and administrative processes. 

Aurea BPM system works in Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, equipped with any application server and Web server and uses a Database Management System, Oracle 11g/12c. Technologies used: Google Web Toolkit, Oracle PL / SQL, AJAX, RPC. 

Distinguishing features Aurea BPM

  • Business process model is integrated with the application (changes in the model are equal with changes in the system!)
  • Real web system (process modelling, usage and system administration)
  • Customization and versatility (from a simple workflow to a complex solution containing databases, user and client dashboards, content management, task automation, load balancing, mobile interface, business monitoring, After Action Review, process simulation
  • Effectiveness and scalability  (Implementation examples: 7500 concurrent users, integration of 27 different systems and applications in one process)


Business process modeling

Aurea BPM Modeler provides an intuitive and clear interface allowing easy modeling of business processes for business owners and smooth transition between process models and running applications. The modeling work is done by moving graphical elements by "drag-and-drop" mouse movement into the process diagram.

Aurea MS Office Extension

Aurea BPM's  Aurea MS Office Extension allows on-line editing and generating MS Office documents. 
Documents added to the system during execution of business process, are downloaded, edited and saved during performing tasks directly in the system. This lowers the time and cost of performing the tasks related to both with the corporate document management and handling all otherelectronic attachments that are used during the life of a business process.


  Aurea Document Management System Aurea Document Management System lets you store and manage all documents - both those that are necessary to support the processes and other documents are not associated with any process.  Aurea Document Management System provides access to a central repository for all electronic documents and facilitates the administration and maintenance of external archives.
  Implementation Aurea BPM provides strong support for continuous improvement of distributed business processes of the whole organization. This is one of the most important feature corresponding with the usage of the system. The processes that are supported by the system are transparent and ready for further modification and optimization. All information collected during process execution might be immediately analyzed and required changes might be smoothly introduced exactly where the external environment needs it.

Collecting statistics and reporting

 Aurea Business Activity Monitoring is a collection of predefined reports about the status of processes. The tool is designed for process owners, managers and other users. Reports are powered by the Aurea Process Execution Enginde module. By using transparent relational data structure, you can also create ad-hoc reports using other available tools that support the SQL language.

User interface

Users executing the tasks in the context of business processes benefit from the Aurea User Portal module. This module in addition to the user's task list also presents information on the status of processes currently being processed and their processing history.

System administration

System administration uses Aurea Admin Portal module. This component allows you to define new business processes, create new versions of existing processes, set up users and give them the appropriate permissions, track projects ongoing process, end process execution or transfer them to perform to others.

  Integration with enterprise systems For the smooth and automatic task implementation you should have access to existing systems in the enterprise. For example, during the execution of the cost approval process one of the tasks is to assign a cost to individual organizational units.