Droniada 2016


Due to the NATO summit on 7-9.07.2016 a ban on drone flights over Warsaw and Cracow was announced. But we still go back to previous events carried out in cooperation with the Mikromakro Institute in Cracow, 17-18.06.2016 where crisis management forces where trained with the particular emphasis on the use of drones and analysis information systems.

Emergency response trainings where conducted using a variety of sensors, eg. thermovision  cameras, infrared radiation sensors, taking into account the specificity of mobile command centers. The main objective of the workshop was to present the current state of development of drones, robots and analysis systems and clarify information needs of emergency response forces.

During the event we had the opportunity to present a lecture - Time for reflection or bureaucracy? 
Support for procedures and reporting for crisis management forces.
During the event, our specialists remained at your disposal, serving professional advice, and answering your questions.