Implementation of Archer DMS at SafeHouse Ltd.


We are pleased to announce that at the end of August 2015 we successfully implemented Archer DMS system at SafeHouse Ltd.

The company SafeHouse Ltd. provides comprehensive services in the field of archiving of records, manages and stores documentation, deals with record clean-up and sorting the documentation and destruction of outdated records.

Archer DMS significantly helped in improving business and customer service. An advanced search module supports both SafeHouse Archivists and its customers, who after implementation of the system smoothly and quickly look up the requested documents.

After searching for documents and adding them to a ‘shopping cart’ Customers can place an order, which can contain many items, which significantly reduces the time that customer spends on procurement. Email notifications, order tracking and instant access to completed orders significantly improve the current work on both the SafeHouse company's customers and its employees.