Training Aurea BPM


On 06 - 07.10.2015 in Warsaw in ADGAR Training Center a training in Aurea BPM took place. It was held for people interested in functionality and implementation of the system. Among the participants there were representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology and the National Defense University who are interested in introducing the system Aurea BPM at the university environment. The participants showed great interest in the tool and actively participated in all the exercises.

During the training there were discussed different use cases and capabilities of the Aurea BPM system. At the beginning of the training users were familiarized with the BPMN notation and the basic architecture of the Aurea BPM platform.

Each participant had the opportunity to model a whole business process in the Aurea Modeler, assign roles and add forms and data. After creating the whole model in the Aurea Modeler tool the model was then deployed, configured and executed.

The biggest advantage of the training was that the participants could seek advice from our BPM experts to discuss possible solutions based on Aurea BPM platform for the needs and problems they presented. At the end of the training, participants presented and discussed the most distinctive business process models.