XXII TeleInformatics Forum


On 29-30.09.2016 in Miedzeszyn, Poland, the XXII TeleInformatics Forum "Cyberspace  State - from insolation to cooperation" took place.

During the Forum the agenda focused on consideration of creating a modern information infrastructure through the use of information technology projects that support critical to the functioning of the state, information processes. Effective and coordinated implementation of projects, moving increasingly out of public administration areas will determine the actual Polish participation in the digital world. A modern state, to accurately plan the modernization, must reach to new, manufactured outside the public administration, methods and services.

Our colleague Małgorzata Oleś, during the session "Young Masters" had the opportunity to present the Aurea BPM system within the topic "Implementation of tools and methods for business processes modeling and simulation to support a government institution integrated system of information processing."