Aurea Sales & Service is a modern business solution used to manage processes of sales, delivery, installation and servicing in manufacturing companies. The system efficiently coordinates multi-team communication and streamlines data flow in a distributed IT environment, which significantly improves both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Aurea Sales & Service

Aurea Sales
Biuro obsługi klienta
Monitoring i serwis
Kalkulator oferty handowej
Lokalny wykonawaca usług
Mobilny wykonawca usług


The system is addressed to manufacturing and installation companies, as well as distributors who provide goods together with after-sales services, e.g. assembly or maintenance.

Benefits from implementation

  • efficiency improvement - the solution standardizes and improves communication in multi-person, geographically dispersed teams,

  • reduction of operational costs due to electronic control of tasks and workflow,

  • flexibility - unlimited possibilities of customizing, integrating and personalizing the system to meet customer expectations,

  • effective plan execution - automatic notifications, online monitoring and advanced reporting that support the daily work of employees,

  • high customer satisfaction - customer loyalty is built on providing full and up-to-date information on the delivery process.


  • Full customer service cycle: from automated preliminary offer preparation up to maintenance and support services
    Due to the system’s integrated and multi-module structure, it is possible to implement all functionality, modified and tailored to the individual needs of the production or distribution company.
  • Efficient coordination of multi-team work
    The level of customer satisfaction and the order execution time are often the decisive factors in the company operations’ efficiency assessment. Aurea Sales & Service in an intuitive way supports the control of complex processes executed by many different entities, often dispersed geographically, which share one goal – the efficient execution of an order.
  • Knowledge base and digital repository
    Based on the rights granted the system users have the 24/7 access to contracts, price lists, product specifications, document templates as well as orders or schedule data in one centralized place. As a result, the system always contains up-to-date data regarding the execution of an order or the history of customer service.
  • High availability and stability
    Three-layer architecture, modern system design and responsive UI of the system allow users to access their data and tasks anywhere and from any device.. Due to the integration of the Aurea Sales & Service system with scanners, printers, barcode readers or RFID devices, the work is faster and the number of routine tasks is significantly reduced.

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