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Aurea HR Assistant


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Aurea HR Assistant is a business solution that ensures coordination and handling of employees matters with companies using electronic document flow. The main purpose of the application is to replace the paper flow between employees and organizational units of the company. Electronic processing of employee requests, processes of review and acceptance, reduces the operating costs of each organization.

The solution will work in any company with a distributed organizational, geographical structure or extended employee hierarchy.


Benefits of implementation

  • access to the system from anywhere, at any time, from any device connected to the Internet,
  • optimized employee IT space - the ability to integrate multiple IT systems into an integrated user desktop,
  • efficient processing of an unlimited number of electronic applications with compliance with company rules and standards,
  • data security guarantee through role management and user access to data through an advanced RACI-matrix, 
  • advanced, state-of-the-art technology and modular structure allow for flexible adaptation of processes to a changing business environment.

Aurea HR Assistant


  • comprehensive support for the recruitment and development process of the employee

Aurea HR Assistant supports the HR department from the recruitment process, through the adaptation of the employee to the new job, until the end of the partnership. We recognize that new employee's later effectiveness depends on the the quality of the process of implementing. 

  • electronic employee applications

Get time with the induction of electronic flow of employee issues. Aurea HR Assistant optimizes and improves the flow of data between organizational units, eliminates the risk of errors and keeps a complete history of processes.

  • employee card and equipment management

Improve the management of work tools, workwear, skills, and employees' rights to operate your equipment. Keeping an individual employee card, automatic event notifications, and history keeping help eliminate random situations and improve the quality of your work.

  • knowledge base and electronic repository

Effectively manage and share your employees with the necessary contact information, document templates, regulations or job instructions. An electronic repository allows employees to have access to the necessary corporate data in accordance with the privileges granted by the system administrator.