Aurea MyOffice Manager


Aurea MyOffce Manager


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Aurea MyOffice Manager is a business solution designed to streamline and automate office workflows. The application contains a set of necessary processes, improving the daily work of the office and personal assistants. It supports the company's internal and external communication and facilitates coordination of employee issues.


This is a solution independent of the industry, which will work perfectly in every office. 

Benefits of implementation

  • ordering incoming and outgoing documentation - each document is registered and processed according to accepted standards
  • accelerate your workflow with Barcode, QR code, RFID and document content input (scanning, OCR),
  • streamlining office communications by providing a central knowledge base for contact details and documentation,
  • modularity - unlimited possibilities for functional developing of the application,
  • modern architecture and application building technology provide 24/7 availability, process flexibility, intuitive usage and cross-platform integration capabilities.

Aurea MyOffice Manager

  • standardization and improvement internal and external corporate communications

Improve communication and go to electronic document flow and application, while Aurea MyOffice Manager will ensure compliance with accepted standards. Identify bottlenecks, routines and respond – quickly change processes flows using BPMN 2.0.

  • central e-repository of documents

Get the ability to collect and process documentation in a transparent and structured way. An electronic document repository allows you to store and share documents of any format. Generate documents based on templates, print and, if necessary, manage paper versions.

  • tracking the progress of tasks and the history of operations

Keep track of deadlines thanks to tasks schedule and automatic reminders. Aurea MyOffice Manager lets you define roles and permissions for a user - each employee has access to own business space. This type of work allows you to monitor the timeliness of your tasks and keep a full history of your activity.

  • integrated employee management system

Optimize handling of employee issues - share a unified platform to conference room reservations, corporate car fleet management, employee demand for office tools or bookings and settlement of corporate equipment. The application is available from anywhere, at any time, on any stationary or mobile device.