Business process analysis

TECNA offers analysis and modeling services of business processes for various enterprises. We have experience in different local and foreign economy sectors. Our employees have experience in modeling processes in various sectors including financial operations, banking, insurance and others.

Business process automation

Business processes and related decisions are the key element of any company or institution. Workflow management and information within the path of process has a significant impact on the speed, flexibility and quality of decision-making processes.Therefore, acceleration, optimization and improvement of processes determines the success of the organization. 

Project management

Tecna offers professional IT project management and implementation of information systems. We have experience in managing projects involving both implementation of existing solutions and projects based on building completly new, dedicated systems.

Groupware and communication

In modern organizations, a single letter can result in starting the decision-making process that requires engaging many people and is often very time-consuming. Tecnaoffers solutions supporting groupwork and internal communications based on Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Data warehouses

Nowadays, the basis for action and the competitiveness of companies is a rapid response to external and internal factors affecting the economic sphere, financial or economic.This can not be achieved without reliable information. Obtaining information from existing transactional systems (OLTP) does not provide proper support decision-making processes. Managers to make decisions should have a specialized system. The best solution to problems of lack of information is to create a corporate data warehouse, which collects data from your transactional systems.

Business intelligence

Each company collects a huge amounts of data daily. Today it can be used for improving performance management in the enterprise and to gain competitive advantage. Tecna offers Oracle Business Intelligence which provides relevant information at the right time and enables making informed operational, tactical and strategicdecisions.

System integration

Modern IT solutions are increasingly moving away from integrated solutions and turning to SOA. Service-oriented architecture is a standardized organization and designmethodology, binding tightly IT with business processes. It begins and ends with business processes, organizing the implementation of a distributed set of different technologies. Tecna's offer includes the integration of both new and existing systems in a SOA architecture.

Dedicated systems

Tecna specializes in the construction of dedicated systems. Our services include analysis, design, construction, development and maintenance of IT systems in the latest technologies: Oracle, Java EE, SOA, Web Services, BPEL, Business Intelligence, OLAP, GWT as well as in more traditional technologies such as Oracle Designer, Forms , Reports.


Tecna's employees have wide experience in providing maintenance of information systems. We use proven and well documented standards and practices in order to maintain a constant high level of service to our customers.


We have wide experience in installation, administration, design and maintenance of Oracle databases. Our experience ranges from the version 7 database to the latest version of Oracle 12c. We also have the appropriate preparation and practical knowledge necessary to perform data migration from one database version to another.

It support

Tecna Ltd. provides of the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.Support and services provided by Tecna Ltd. are mainly implementing various information systems, but we also provide technical consultations in the IT field. Support services concern both technical support and assistance in the use of the system by end users. 
Support services are provided by standard IT service or SLA clauses. These services are characterized by means of determining response times and time to solve problems. 

IT systems implementation

The successful implementation of IT solutions in the BPM field requires precise identification and later implementation of organization goals. For contract purposes the implementation of IT solutions are conducted in the following stages: Phase I - Preparation. Case study Phase II - Training Phase III - System installation Phase IV - Supervision and closure read more


HP Software dostarcza rozwiązania technologiczne klientom indywidualnym, przedsiębiorstwom i instytucjom na całym świecie.
Utrzymanie kontroli nad zmianami oprogramowania stanowi jedno z największych wyzwań, jakim muszą sprostać zarządzający, twórcy i użytkownicy oprogramowania. Ogół zagadnień związanych z procesami zarządzania cyklem życia oprogramowania jest określany jako Application Lifecycle Management (ALM, Zarządzanie Cyklem Życia aplikacji) i obejmuje proces zarządzania zmianą od powstania potrzeby biznesowej do uruchomienia aplikacji, spełniającej tę potrzebę.
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HP Unified Functional Testing jest to zaawansowane oprogramowanie do tworzenia, zarządzania oraz automatyzacji testów funkcjonalnych i mobilnych nowej generacji, które ułatwi firmom szybkie reagowanie na zmiany wymagań rynku.
Pakiet oprogramowania HP Functional Testing umożliwia firmom i działom informatycznym usprawnienie procesów tworzenia i testowania aplikacji, w tym mobilnych i działających w chmurze, w sposób zapewniający najwyższą jakość. Oprogramowanie to przyspiesza automatyzację testów i pozwala na ich ciągłą integrację. 
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