On 29-30.07.2015 in Warsaw a conference took place, dedicated to electronic flow of information within the company. Electronic flow of information should become a day-to-day foundation of each company. During our presentation „How quickly and effectively implement management processes and information flow - methods and best practices - Aurea BPM platform” and „Problems with the deployment EOD class systems and BPMS and how to avoid them based on experience from implementations Aurea BPM platform” we presented our system Aurea BPM as a solution that enables efficient modeling, implementation and monitoring and optimizing business processes in the organization and allows the electronic flow of information without restrictions in any enterprise.

During the conference the issues related to documents in the cloud, mobile solutions, workflow - business process management, secure printing and modern document archiving, mass printouts, automating invoice handling, enterprise portals inter / intra / extranet systems, OCR / OMR, PKI- electronic document , handwritten electronic signature, backup and archiving.

A wide public of recipients using discussed solutions appeared at the event. There were also many people from various sectors: information technology, banking, financial, insurance, government, telecommunications and industry.