Conference of business intelligence and processes at financial and insurance institutions


The conference dedicated to financial institutions and insurance was held at  31.01.2017 in Warsaw Trade Tower.
During the conference our speakers Pavel Arno and Małgorzata Oleś delivered the presentation "Multi-channel sales of financial products in the Aurea BPM application generator ". This topic and presented solution aroused great interest and resulted a discussion at our stand. Participants of the conference had the opportunity to obtain detailed information about the Tecna company and presented solutions - Aurea BPM and DMS Archer systems.

Aurea BPM is a complete set of applications for modeling, implementing and optimizing of business processes. The solution is intended for use in organizations, in which the processing in accordance with the procedures is the basis for operation. As a part of implementation, depending on Client’s needs, we also provide analysis and modeling of business processes and, above all, integration with existing enterprise systems.


Archer-DMS is a web browser solution supporting services for the storage and archiving of paper and electronic documents. This solution gives possibility for  acquisition of the files, on-line sharing, storage of documents, ordering the entire collection, ongoing handling, transferring and shredding of documents. Moreover, the system can automatically generate reports. A unique feature is the possibility of using RFID tags and specially prepared equipment for tracking and inventory of the documents.


The development of the company is conditioned by many factors, among which an important place is given to a modern reporting tools, projecting, monitoring and business intelligence that positively affect the performance of the processes taking place within the company. Analyzing of the correctness of decision-making processes, you can accurately determine the effectiveness of operational processes, which in turn allows for the development of adequate specificity of the company strategy.
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