Aurea ©2023 Low-code Development Platform  is a complete set of applications used for tendering, execution, analysis and optimization of business processes that allows creating simple and advanced workflows, but also CRM class business applications or complementary ERP processes.

Aurea ©2023


The system will be successful in companies that execute repetitive processes or processes with complex rules that require monitoring and control of execution progress and optimization.


  • Reduction of operating costs - elimination of paper documents and increase of productivity by reducing the execution time of repetitive processes,

  • Standardization - quick modification of processes and ensuring their compliance with regulations and procedures,

  • Accountability - full monitoring of process execution, analytics and reporting,

  • Optimization - full control over processes, including monitoring, testing and implementation of changes in accordance with the permissions,

  • Security - the imposed model of process flow reduces the risk associated with improper employee activity,

  • Support and service – Tecna, as the producer of the system, guarantees full technical support and continuous system development,


  • A complete BPM system
    The individual system modules (e.g. BPMN 2.0 process modeler, available through a web browser, graphical user interface editor, process execution engine, digital document repository, analytics module) cooperate with each other, creating a coherent and comprehensive platform for building both advanced solutions and simple workflows.

  • Modern architecture and ergonomics
    The multi-layered, fully web-based platform architecture provides unique features, extraordinary flexibility, scalability, reliability, and integration capabilities, while maintaining user-friendliness and simplicity in use, also for people without high IT skills.
    The system is also available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

  • Synergy of business processes in every industry
    Business process management takes place in every business. The Aurea BPM Platform provides both dedicated, industry-specific solutions and universal, independent of the industry, whose aim is to maintain, manage and optimize processes in the company. Implementation of the system will allow responding quickly to changing external conditions, as well as effectively carry out planning, manufacturing and internal control activities.

  • Advanced functionality
    Process management is the key to the effective functioning of any business. The system provides enormous potential to increase work efficiency due to many functionalities supporting user's work, e.g. advanced data validation, automated business rules, built-in alerts and notifications.

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